Aatma Ki Lau

Ek kanpkapi hai mere andar, jo bahaar aane ko hamesha taiyaar rehti hai

Chaar Sau ho ya Chaalis kitne bhi log ho mere saamne,

Wo daayein pair tak apna rasta khoj hi leti hai

Shabdon pe taala laga deti hai,

Gale se paani sukha kar peshaani pe le aati hai

Shareer dheere dheere thanda padne lagta hai

Thik ussi waqt aatma main ek lau jalti hai,

Yeh lau shareer main aaye toofan se ladti hai

Aur shabdon ke taale ko pighaal deti hai

Peshaani ka paani udd jaata hai

Gale main pighaala hua woh rass pahunch jaata hai

Daayein pair ki kanpkapi tham jaati hai

Aur aatma ek baar phir yeh yudh jeet jaati hai…



GOD is a novel concept.

God is a novel concept. The first invention in Artificial intelligence. A concept which goes beyond heart and mind and make its way to the SOUL. It was meant to be a life changing concept for human beings. It was meant to spread love and peace. Everything was well and good till few influential and power hungry evil scientists saw GOD as an opportunity to fulfill their greed. These evil scientists installed a red chip in the HOLY system and called it RELIGION. This red chip corrupted the whole system and deleted some default programs of love and peace and installed some new ones like hate, greed and intolerance. An additional patch was installed later which was called MONEY. The perfect recipe for evil.

These evil scientists made their own armies and lured people to join them. These power hungry douchebags started a war which helped nobody but them. They brainwashed people and infested them with fear capsules in their research labs which they call temples, churches and mosques etc. Over the years as this war has become gruesome, the money blankets under which these evil scientists secretly masturbated while exercising celibacy ( FAKE BTW!!!) is becoming more and more comforting for them and disturbing for us.

I am not against GOD. Everybody has a secret personal relationship with GOD, which each one should respect. Some people take God as a spiritual being, while others consider Him as a father figure which will inspire them in the course of their life etc, etc. See nobody should stand between you and your faith. Likewise, you cannot tamper others faith. HE is here to spread goodness and not evil. Religion is doing nothing but eroding this novel concept of God.


Message from Soul

Dear Man,
Hey there, this is your soul, not your soulmate.. You idiot, your soul. Its been a long time since we last met. I think you have become so obsessed with technology and artificial connections that now you need a smartphone application to face your inner self also. I don’t blame this on you. This new technology and innovations have seduced you to be a part of this RatRace.
You should embrace the fact that I am the one who stays in this world after you leave. I really need a nice home this time, as in a body of a person who is around less two faced people and who has the time to talk with me. Yeah.. Yeah, I might sound a bit selfish here. But I know what is best for you. I am not patronising you like the other beings of the world. But for our partnership to be successful you have to listen to your inner self. YOURSELF. You are no sheep. Goddamnit. You are a Human being. You cannot follow others, you are here to lead.
So take your mirror and see eye to eye in your own eyes and say something like the old days. So I can get your message. Always remember, You are here for something great. Please don’t listen to others. Only listen to your gut feeling.
Hope to get your reply soon.

Only Yours (For the time being)
The Soul.
(I know you have become a slave of popularity. You will post this letter on WordPress to get some petty views. See.. I got you again).