Humanity and Films

I don’t really like writing about films, but now I realised that I wasn’t watching the right films. But are there any right or wrong films though? Yes, there are, the films that becomes an experience is a right film. Period. The film that connects to you and lets you get in touch with your humanity again is a right film for you. Getting in touch with your own humanity is a big relief in this highly complex mechanical world. The film which transcends human boundaries of language and culture and is yet grounded beautifully in its own reality is a right film. It is very subjective. Keeping this in mind, I made a list of 5 movies from last year which I thought were RIGHT! Actually, I had existential crisis after watching them. Apart from making me cry in the theatre, these films stayed with me and I don’t think they will ever leave me again. They will hold my hand and inspire me to take baby steps in the world of film making. Though it is a list, please don’t focus on the rank. I will not write about these films but just attaching the links to the trailers here. I will also tell you my crying duration during the film.

#5 Sudani From Nigeria (Malyalam) (India)

Crying Duration: 5-7 minutes
PS: This film is available on Netflix

#4- Manto (Hindi) (India)

Crying Duration: 7-10 minutes
PS: Available on Neflix

#3- Shoplifters (Japanese) (Japan)

Crying Duration- 10 minutes
PS: Watched it in Kolkata International Film Festival

#2- Roma (Mixtec, Spanish) (Mexico, USA)

Crying Duration- 10 minutes
PS: Available on Netflix

#1- Capernaum (Arabic) (Lebanon)

This film makes me cry every time I think about it
PS: I watched it in Kolkata International Film Festival

Special Mention- The Price Of Free (Hindi, English) (India)

Crying Duration: 5 minutes
PS: Available on Youtube

This is my list, please let me know in the comments section which movie made you cry in 2018.

Thik Karein Hum

Aa ek dusre ko thik karein hum
Thodi dosti se, thode pyaar se…
Aa ek dusre ko thik karein hum
Thoda dil se, thoda dimaag se…
Aa ek dusre ko thik karein hum
Thoda Dhoop se, thoda chaanv se…
Aa ek dusre ko thik karein hum
Thoda hansi se, thoda aansoon se…
Aa ek dusre ko thik karein hum
Thoda kal se, thoda aaj se…
Aa ek dusre ko Insaan karein hum
Chupte hue andar ke shaitaan se…

‘Pyaar’ Ka Ek Khat ‘Nafrat’ Ke Naam

Dear Nafrat,
Tum dimaag pe chadte ho
Main dil main utarta hu
Tum apne Danton ke dhuyein se
Mera chaand chupa lete ho
Phir bhi main kuch nahi kehta
Koshish jab do dilon ko jodne ki hoti hai
Do hazaar saal phele ki dalilein tum aage le aate ho
Samajh nahi paate hain log mujhe
Kyunki bachpan se unhe tum hi padhaye jaate ho
Jaati, Dharam, Rang, Roop aur ab toh Khaan paan (LOL)
Se baandhte ho aadmi ko aise tum
Ki wo ab insaan banne se ghabrata hai
Mere pass aane se darr jaata hai
Par koi baat nahi
Jo pal pal tum tabaah kar rahe ho
Usse pal pal main jod raha hu
Jab ek baccha maa ko janam deta hai
Tab main uss maa ki aakhon main bas jaata hu
Ladakpan ki naav main haule se baith jaata hu
Kabhi ‘saat phere’ aur ‘qabool hai’ main meri mahak aati hai
Toh kabhi ek chote bache ki aadhi toffee mujhse milkar
gareebi ki laar mitati hai
Toh aye dost to end it on a lighter note,
Jitne bhi tu karle sitam
Hans Hans ke sahenge hum
Yeh pyaar na hoga kam
Hai Insaaniyat ki kasam….

Man vs Wild

I woke up today to a horrifying epiphany.
That I have turned into a Two faced being
One part of my face was that of a human,
who goes to candle marches, respects mothers and sisters at home, Posts different things on his Facebook timelime to prove that he is not sexist.


But the other part of the face was that of a monster
who does not feel guilty after using matriarchal abusive language,
who enjoys watching indecent content,
but tags every girl, who dresses so called ‘indecently’ as a slut.

I am proud of the little humanity that is left in me and ashamed of the monstrous being within me