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सपनों का किनारा

सपनों के किनारे पे बैठे थे तीन यार
एक के लिए बाप दादा का बड़ा जहाज आया
और वो विदेश निकल लिया
दूसरे के लिए एक नाव अाई
जिसे उसके मां और पिता ने
बड़ी मेहनत से बनाया था
दूसरा उसमें बैठा और बड़े शहर
निकल लिया
तीसरे ने इंतजार किया
सोचा कोई तो आएगा
कोई आया तो सही
पर उसे धक्का देकर चला गया
थोड़ी देर छटपटाने के बाद
वो तैरना भी सीख गया
उसे पता था अभी
दूसरा किनारा दूर है
पर वो तैरता रहा
बस तैरता ही रहा
और खुदकी मेहनत से
जिस दिन वो दूसरी ओर पहुंचा
वो ना बड़ा शहर था ना दूसरा देश
वो एक ऐसी दुनिया में पहुंच गया
जहां सागर का पानी तक
भी मीठा होता था

Featured Image- The Great Wave Off Kangawa by Hokusai

English Poetry


You know what,
You are a beautiful battlefield
Wake up today
Look yourself in the mirror
Look carefully
Look in those eyes
Look till they turn into fireballs
Fireballs that dreams have ignited in your soul
Fireballs that good vibes have ignited in your heart
Now consider these fireballs as your guide
And light up your path…
Good Morning

The Last Wish

An old man was on his deathbed. He saw the ultimate dream of his life, ‘A Garden Of Dreams’. A garden where all his dreams became potted plants. Some plants were totally ruined, some on the verge of drying up, while some bloomed beautifully. There was this plant of little hockey sticks which completely withered devoid of proper care. A plant which he planted with his wife, a beautiful daughter was on the verge of drying up as a weed called ego snatched away all nutrients from that plant. There was a MONEY plant which was fully nurtured, but it was least of his concerns now.

Out of nowhere, he saw two golden butterflies, as he chased them down, he reached to the end of his garden. He saw innumerable garden of dreams there. He saw a poor kid sowing few ‘Cricket Bat’ seeds, then he saw a blind girl planting a sapling of musical notes and it went on and on.

After giving a thought, he ran to his own garden and uprooted a single root from his proudly blooming money plant and planted it in the kid’s garden. He repeated this action till the last root of his money plant was left.

He was relieved. After all this hard work, when he reached his own garden, he was confused. All the plants that were on the verge of dying were blooming beautifully. He sat on a bench enjoying the beauty of this moment. The two butterflies which he chased earlier transformed into his last wish, a violin and he started playing a beautiful symphony.