Aao Baitho Baatein karte hain

Aao Baitho, baatein karte hain
Ab garam reth par nange pair mere kinaare tak aaye ho,
Toh Baith Jao,
Jalao apni sasti si bidi
Aur koso unhe jo tumse unche paaydaan pe khade hain,
Dhudkaro unhe jo tumse neeche paaydaan par baithe hain.


Main Samundar hun.
Mere saamne tumhe koi dikhawa nahi karna hoga
Tum Mere saath ho
Keh Do jo bhi dil main hai
Meri Har ek boond kisi na kisi ki kahaani hai
Maine sabki kahaniyo ko sambhaal kar rakha hai
Tumhari bhi ek khaas jagah rakhi hai
Khushiyon ka charge lagta iss kahaaniyon ke bank main
Mere pass agar aate ho toh kam se kam ek muskaan toh deni hogi
Zaroori hai bhai Mumbai jaise shehar main
Meri taraf ek baar mud ke dekhna.
Iss kahaaniyon ke bank main aapke dard kam kare jaate hain
Aur khushiyon ka interest milta hai.
Toh woh hi main waapas kahta hu
Ki account kholne ke liye
Aao Baitho, baatein karte hain


Mujhe toh samajh nahi aata

Context – My dad is an architect and my mom is an artist. This poem depicts my feelings when I was a kid. This is inspired by a poem of Rabindranath Tagore.

Maa, Papa din bhar kaagzon pe kya banaate hain
Meri toh kuch samajh nahi aata
Kuch square aur circle  kya bana lete hain,
Unhe toh aapse bhi zyaada waah waahi milti hai
Aap toh kitni khoobsoorat drawing banaate ho,
Unhe kuch sikhaate kyun nahi.
Unke bikhre hue kaagzon pe maine ek din unse accha circle kya bana diya,
Toh jalan ke kaaran unhone mujhe kamare se baahar nikal diya.
Aap toh Parion ki puri duniya design karti ho,
Par woh toh issi duniya ke chote se kone main kisika ka ghar design karte hain.

The Real Connection

I started thinking what can I gift you for your birthday,
Taj Mahal….No. Nice, but old school
Moon.. oh but your birthday is on a New Moon Day
A costly dress, but you look a star in whatever you wear
But I can gift you one thing,
A promise,
That from this night…every night
I will leave my formal stressful work shoes at my workplace
And try to fit in a pefect companion’s shoes.
I will leave all the trauma which Internet gave me,
All the social media hypocrisy,
I will shut down all the artificial connections and networks.
And will spend the night with you and only you,
Which is the real connection,
For which we were born,
To love.

The Indian Comic Con

Everyone knows how awesome the comic-cons are. Well entering into a Hindu Temple is nothing short of a low budget comic con sponsered by Amar Chitra Katha and Ramanand Sagar’s family. Well entry is mostly free (Note-There are some who are considered of low caste are not allowed to enter into such comic-cons). The entry may be free but people voluntarily donate so much that some of our superheroes like Ganesha of Lalbaugh and Balaji of Tirupati became richer than Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark. We sure have female Superheroes like the ferocious Durga who will give a run for her money to Wonder Woman.


Lets Compare if you have candies and chocolates.

We have prasads like Modak, Peda, Chirongi and Chana.


If you have this-

We have this-

And We surely do have cosplays-


Our Comics too have evovled over the years-
From this-
To This-
From here-
To here-

Live and Let Live Please

God please stop tweeting using the hashtag #BlessingsonGaza. It’s time for some real action. Things are really  getting out of  hand. There are air attacks on Gaza in every 15 minutes. There is no electricity as Israel blew up their only power station. I have stopped paying attention to the statistics of how many human beings die because in my view every life is important. The innocent children, man, woman are dying as goats and cows die in the slaughterhouse. The people have started loosing faith in you. They have started thinking that they have came to this earth just to die. It has turned into a fight of Egos between Hamas and Israeli Goverment which are taking lives of innocent people.


God they started the fight using your name and now you have to stop this. So I am not praying to you Allah, Jesus or Vishnu whatever you might be. I am telling you get off your diamond studded IPhone 22 and stop playing the Holy Candy Crush and do some real action. Please. The World Needs You.


Man vs Wild

I woke up today to a horrifying epiphany.
That I have turned into a Two faced being
One part of my face was that of a human,
who goes to candle marches, respects mothers and sisters at home, Posts different things on his Facebook timelime to prove that he is not a sexist.


But the other part of the face was that of a monster
who does not feel guilty after using matriarchal abusive language,
who enjoys watching indecent content,
but tags every girl, who dresses so called ‘indecently’ as a slut.

I am proud of the little humanity that is left in me and ashamed of the monstrous being within me