Book VS Bullet

History knows it very well,
As the fascists are up to it again
Turning citizens into mere numbers,
Turning people into a blind crowd…
They have cracked the recipe of
Making murderers out of youth
A spoonful of Patriarchy,
A bowlful of Unemployment
With a tinge of ‘Hate Speech’
That’s about it and you have a
19-year old with fake entitlement
Firing bullets at unarmed women and students
With the police sunbathing in the background
But sorry fascists…
Just when you thought we will leave this fight
I assure you that it will continue till we turn every bullet into a book.
The book that treats us as citizens and not merely numbers.

Woh Padh Raha Tha…

Woh padh raha tha…
Jab bhagwa chaddi main
Vardi waale ghar main ghuse
Aur usse goli maardi

Wo padh raha tha…
Wah kitaabein jo humein saath laayein
shayad yahi unse bardaasht nahi hua

Wo padh raha tha…
Taaki naam se nahi kaam se jaana jaaye,
Wo jo bhi pehne sar uthake chal paaye,

Wo padh raha tha
Taaki wo sawaal puch sake
Unse jo apni taaqat ke nashe main hain
Par wo toh nashe main the
Isliye usse goli maardi…

Wo padh raha tha