Stage Fright

My right leg is shaking,
Shaking as though it is the epicentre of my nervousness
Eyes don’t know where to look,
Palms don’t know how much to leak
As thousand hypothetical judgements travel through the air
to lend me my first attack of stage fright
Well…last night in front of the mirror it was all fine,
Three strong points to support my argument
which even Frank Underwood cannot overpower and I am done
Daydreaming in the night
Ohh…I am Hitler, I am Gandhi, I am one of a kind
But that was last night…and to be fair to my introverted-ness
I was two drinks down
But now, as it has attacked me
As I am thrown in the middle of this battleground
I begin with my first argument but suddenly my head switches to Dothraki
With a bunch of uhhs and ahhs in my mouth
I am cursing the teacher who advised me to get on stage
I am cursing myself for showing up today
The only things debating right now are two wills
Will to express or the Will to go back
As this tug of war rages in my head
Heart pounds a million every minute
A look of my friend calms me down
He signals me from the audience to look at him
And nowhere else
Ohh that funny faced bastard
It’s like looking at the mirror yet again
And now words come walking back to my brain
Only to find out they’re too late
It’s already three minutes now
But it’s a great start

Isn’t it? I will be better the next time around

Thank you!

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