Shake The Dust (My Version) 

This is for the seniors in my corporate world

Shake the dust

For the ones entrapped in the web of EMIs

Shake The Dust

Who work to please the client and not the brand

Shake the dust

This is for the girl

The Drama Queen

Shake the dust

The one for whom I have poured my heart out

But she goes back to the ones who ripped her soul

Shake The Dust

This is for every guy who wants to get in the pants of that girl

Shake the dust

This is for the uncle who steals from my wallet

Even when I give him money every time he asks for it

Shake The Dust

This is for the brother

Who has all the time to party

But is too busy to meet me

Shake the Dust

This is for everyone who bullies me

Not having a single shred of sense

Or ability to understand

What’s going on in my life

Shake the dust

Lastly, this is for the sister

Who left me pretty early

For her heavenly abode

And became a part

Of that dust….