The Dragon And The Paper Plane

Hats Off

The Idea-smithy

I got my second tattoo yesterday. It is a paper plane, embellished in the watercolour style and is etched flying off my right wrist. This is a depiction of what I’m calling my Paper Plane Philosophy, which formed the basis of my first ever performance piece last month.

To explain this fully, I need to introduce you to my relationship with tattoos.

I have been interested in tattoos since I first heard about them as a kid. I read about sailors and criminals and other ‘bad boy’ elements flaunting designs over their body. Closer home, maids sometimes carried a ubiquitious blue etching on their arms, usually a name or a religious reference. And an occasional classmate had a cross (in the same blue) imprinted under their thumb. Tattoos spoke of low education, a life of physical labour and a high degree of religious faith/blind belief. The life I…

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