Queens Of The Filmi Highway


With this year coming to an end, we have witnessed some great movies which broke the stereotypes of having a male protagnist. We saw two Delhi girls coming out of their comfort zones to go on a journey of their lives. Whether it was Mahi in Highway or Rani in Queen, both explored oneself during the course of their respective journeys and emerged victorious by the end of it.
We also saw two of the most powerful documentaries namely The World Before Her and Gulabi Gang made by Nisha Pahuja and Nishtha Jain respectively. The former explores two very diverse Indias within our country. The tussle between modern and traditional values related to feminism. But at the core every Indian girl is suffering with same conflict of finding her own voice whether it is in the Miss India pageant or at a Durga Vahini Camp. The later one shows a revolution in making at the grassroot level. Gulabi Gang, a fearless army of women headed by Sampat Pal fight against the issues of gender bias, class divide and corruption. Though this story has a bollywood masala version called Gulaab Gang with Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla fighting in pink saris which was  not even 10% as impactful as the documentary.
Another notable film though short in runtime but equally hardhitting was Megha Ramaswamy’s Newborns. Story of Laxmi, an acid attack survivor turned human rights activist through the lens. A beautiful short film which questions the real meaning of beauty. All in all, it was a great year for feministic cinema wave from the land which produced gems like Mother India and Bandit Queen. Hoping to watch some more great content in 2015. image


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