My Experience With BhaiZone

As I once said, Ultracuteness often lands you in a space called BhaiZone. See this 50 shades of grey generation often likes a grey character with darker shades. An average guy with lightish grey character is often left forever alone. He is nice to everyone and often mistaken as a friend. When this friend is possessive for someone, it makes things even worse as he enters the BhaiZone. Yeah..often shyness and inferiority complex is  the common characterstic for people in this zone. Actually he is not shy but he takes more time to open up with people new to him, but till then he has already entered into that zone. Boyfriends of every girl around him come and go liKe Indian Batsman on International pitches and  he stands on the other end like Rahul Dravid doing his duty all the time but not getting credit. He gives her hint  and keeps doing his own little stint. It really hurts when she takes innumerable selfies with him and send that pictures for editing and then Instagram it with #LoveYouBhai and #InstaLove ( It is compulsry). Sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and movies like Revenge of The Nerds boosts his confidence. But when he gets into real world he has no choice but to sit with his laptop and his Half Girlfriend ( Symbol of INC). In the Decleration Of BhaiZone, Bill Gates quote- In the constant pursuit to get out of the BhaiZone, Patience is the Key, once you are rich, the ball is in your court and you will find your “True Love”.

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