Message from Soul

Dear Man,
Hey there, this is your soul, not your soulmate.. You idiot, your soul. Its been a long time since we last met. I think you have become so obsessed with technology and artificial connections that now you need a smartphone application to face your inner self also. I don’t blame this on you. This new technology and innovations have seduced you to be a part of this RatRace.
You should embrace the fact that I am the one who stays in this world after you leave. I really need a nice home this time, as in a body of a person who is around less two faced people and who has the time to talk with me. Yeah.. Yeah, I might sound a bit selfish here. But I know what is best for you. I am not patronising you like the other beings of the world. But for our partnership to be successful you have to listen to your inner self. YOURSELF. You are no sheep. Goddamnit. You are a Human being. You cannot follow others, you are here to lead.
So take your mirror and see eye to eye in your own eyes and say something like the old days. So I can get your message. Always remember, You are here for something great. Please don’t listen to others. Only listen to your gut feeling.
Hope to get your reply soon.

Only Yours (For the time being)
The Soul.
(I know you have become a slave of popularity. You will post this letter on WordPress to get some petty views. See.. I got you again).


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