PK – In My View


As I write this post, there are rumours that pk is an alien from outer space who comes to earth to discover God. PK’s character also seems pretty similar to Mr.Bean to many people. I don’t know who PK is exactly. But the teaser says alot about the film. The movie challenges the reality. It is a satire on the daily life of a common man. It judges the normal way of life. For instance, the clothes we wear; Helping the poor etc.

God is a huge part of common man’s life. So the movie will surely have its say on the way we percive different Gods. The restless and stupid people who are targeting Aamir Khan for posing nude in the film saying that it will promote homosexuality ( which is a bigger deal in India than caste system and gender bias) should wait for the film to release. They have never laid their fingers on the monks who roam nude on the streets. (This may spark a controversy). Clothing is a man made concept. God never told us to wear clothes. Nobody was born suited booted. ( Oh.. Wait, but God Himself is a man made concept).

All in all, through PK’s character, Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi will mock every aspect of our so called normal life, while, keeping the Hirani’s style of film making alive. I don’t know how much money this movie will make, but it surely will be another path breaking movie in Indian Cinema by the Director – Writer duo. This movie will make us think.


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