The Real Connection

I started thinking what can I gift you for your birthday,
Taj Mahal….No. Nice, but old school
Moon.. oh but your birthday is on a New Moon Day
A costly dress, but you look a star in whatever you wear
But I can gift you one thing,
A promise,
That from this night…every night
I will leave my formal stressful work shoes at my workplace
And try to fit in a pefect companion’s shoes.
I will leave all the trauma which Internet gave me,
All the social media hypocrisy,
I will shut down all the artificial connections and networks.
And will spend the night with you and only you,
Which is the real connection,
For which we were born,
To love.

Gareebi ki Chaadar

Akelepan ki chaadar oodhe
Main gareebo ke liye kambal dhoondne nikala hu
Meri choti si chaadar main bahut se do munhe logon ne
ghusne ki koshish ki,


Jo apna apna hissa kaat kar le gaye
Uss hisse se un logon ne apne liye reshmi kambal bana liya
Aur ab woh un gareebo ko chidaate hain
Jinke liye main seedha sadha kambal lene nikala tha.

The Indian Comic Con

Everyone knows how awesome the comic-cons are. Well entering into a Hindu Temple is nothing short of a low budget comic con sponsered by Amar Chitra Katha and Ramanand Sagar’s family. Well entry is mostly free (Note-There are some who are considered of low caste are not allowed to enter into such comic-cons). The entry may be free but people voluntarily donate so much that some of our superheroes like Ganesha of Lalbaugh and Balaji of Tirupati became richer than Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark. We sure have female Superheroes like the ferocious Durga who will give a run for her money to Wonder Woman.


Lets Compare if you have candies and chocolates.

We have prasads like Modak, Peda, Chirongi and Chana.


If you have this-

We have this-

And We surely do have cosplays-


Our Comics too have evovled over the years-
From this-
To This-
From here-
To here-