Live and Let Live Please

God please stop tweeting using the hashtag #BlessingsonGaza. It’s time for some real action. Things are really getting out of hand. There are air attacks on Gaza in every 15 minutes. There is no electricity as Israel blew up their only power station. I have stopped paying attention to the statistics of how many human beings die because in my view every life is important. The innocent children, men, women are dying as goats and cows die in the slaughterhouse. The people have started loosing faith in you. They have started thinking that they have came to this earth just to die. It has turned into a fight of egos between Hamas and Israeli Goverment which are taking lives of innocent people.


God they started the fight using your name and now you have to stop this. So I am not praying to you Allah, Jesus or Vishnu whatever you might be. I am telling you get off your diamond studded IPhone 22 and stop playing the Holy Candy Crush and do some real action. Please. The World Needs You.


Man vs Wild

I woke up today to a horrifying epiphany.
That I have turned into a Two faced being
One part of my face was that of a human,
who goes to candle marches, respects mothers and sisters at home, Posts different things on his Facebook timelime to prove that he is not sexist.


But the other part of the face was that of a monster
who does not feel guilty after using matriarchal abusive language,
who enjoys watching indecent content,
but tags every girl, who dresses so called ‘indecently’ as a slut.

I am proud of the little humanity that is left in me and ashamed of the monstrous being within me

Aalas ka Daanav

Takiye aur neend main jhagda laga sa hai
Bistar aur sapano main bhi lafda hua sa hai
Sapne shayad isliye pareshaan hai kyunki ,
Main neend main toh unse milkar aata hun,
Par subah hote hi waapas bistar main hi rah jata hu.
Unke peeche bhaagne ki zhamat nahi uthata hun.


Kabhie kabhie raat karwato ke saahare hi kat jati hai
Agli subah kuch karne ki aasha mann main jag jaati hai,
Par phir wohi bistar aur kambal beech main aa jaate hain
Mere jaise aalas ke daanav se mohini ki tarah karm ka amrit chin kar le jaate hain.
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