Stop Piracy

Over the years I loved piracy. One, It had helped me to save a lot of money; Two, it had helped me to watch some of the best movies of the world. When television started ad campaigns on STOP PIRACY, newspapers had articles about how piracy promotes terrorism and how much loss it caused to the film industry, I ignored them. I thought that it is just a technique  to lure the audience in the movie theatre.
But it is said that if you do somethimg the wrong way, even a small thing like watching a movie for free, the repercussions are really worse.


Now here’s  my experience with piracy.

A few days back I boarded a bus from my hometown to Mumbai, it was a ac sleeper bus and a had a video screen for each seat. Every traveller had to watch the same movie which the bus conductor puts on. To my sheer bad luck he puts on the pirated version of the highest grossing film of bollywood Dhoom 3, the movie which I regretted to have watched in the  theatre because it was a pain in the ass. I turned  off the movie immediately but the other commuters started watching it and the bus had those common speakers which brought back those horrific images of trolled face AAmir Khan tap dancing, the 5 crore song, MALANG MALANG in which the producers spent all their money on sets forgetting about the music and lyrics. I started counting how many time the same dialogue, “Bandeh hain hum uske..” but I think I lost my count after 240, 1 crore for each of it. The same dialogue is said so many times in the film that even AAmir Khan gets bored of it and how can I forget him.


My point being piracy is bad. It can cause much worse things then promoting terrorism. So do your bit to stop piracy and download only a single movie a day on torrent. Otherwise these films will catch you and give you cancer even when you ignore them when it comes to theatre.


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